Friday, December 2, 2011

Berklee College of Music Breaks Ground for 16 Story Tower in Boston

On Thursday, November 30, 2011, the Berklee College of Music broke ground  for a 16-story, $100 million new dormitory and music center for the school's student population, located at 160 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston.

Attending the groundbreaking were Roger Brown, president of Berklee, Tom Menino, mayor of Boston, and a number of local public official, school officials and neighborhood leaders.

Completion is expected in fall 2013, and will include 770 beds, a two-story dining hall, a 400-seat performance center for students, plus practice rooms, student lounges, and on-street retail shops.

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  1. This is a huge waste of money. There was nothing wrong with the old student center. This money could have gone toward almost ANYTHING ELSE. How about STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS for domestic students? Or how about better, organized classes? Better teachers and programs and, oh, I don't know, a better OR just additional music hall so that the bands and combos don't have to fight over where they're gonna be. I had my senior recital IN A CLASSROOM because I couldn't get space. The Student Center that they had was practically brand new. This is an example of how Berklee has no idea how to spend money or run itself. I hope that someday the administrators are held accountable. It's such a waste of artists money to invest in this school, which is a shame because it should be a contemporary mecca. Save yourself some time and go to a NYC school. Or don't go and invest in the national songwriting workshops and classes. Big bad back bay shame.