Friday, October 31, 2014

Aardvark Jazz Orchestra Performs Free "Election-Year" Concert at MIT on November 1

The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra is performing a free, election-year concert Killian Hall at MIT on Saturday, November 1, 2014 starting at 8:00 p.m.

The pulse of politics and culture is the theme of the music, with selections like DeEvolution Blues, Through the Looking Glass Blues, and Keepin' On, from the band's latest CD Impressions (Leo Records).  Social consciousness runs through the jazz tradition, from Duke Ellington and Charlie Mingus to Charlie Haden and Archie Shepp.

Founded in 1973, Aardvark is one of the longest-running jazz ensembles in the world.  The band has premiered more than 150 works for jazz orchestra, performs widely, and appears on 12 CDs, including the latest disc, Impressions (Leo Records). 

The orchestra was founded by Dr. Mark Harvey, who teaches jazz studies and composition at MIT.  Harvey is also the band’s music direction and principal composer & arranger.

Aardvark is: Arni Cheatham, Phil Scarff, Chris Rakowski, Michael Heller, Dan Zupan/saxes and woodwinds; K.C. Dunbar, Jeanne Snodgrass/trumpets; Bob Pilkington, Jay Keyser, Anita-Ann Jerosch /trombones; Bill Lowe/bass trombones, tuba; Richard Nelson/guitar; John Funkhouser/string bass; Harry Wellott/drums; Mark Harvey/trumpet, music director. 

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